Revision Breast Surgery Patient 12

This lovely 56 year old female was unhappy with her previous saline breast augmentation by a different surgeon.    She thought they were too big for her and had also dropped over the years.  She underwent removal of her old saline implants, replacement with smaller smooth round silicone implants (250cc) together with a vertical or “lollipop” breast lift.  She was very happy with these results at 3 months postop.

Revision Breast Surgery Patient 13

This lovely 62 year old female had a previous breast augmentation by a different surgeon 20 years prior and presented to Dr Christopoulos with a deflated right breast implant and droopiness of both breasts.  She underwent a bilateral vertical breast lift with new silicone implants in a dual plane submuscular pocket.  Smooth round silicone 300 cc high profile implants were used. She was quite happy with these results at 6 months postop.

Breast Reduction Patient 17

This lovely 18 year old female was in constant pain and discomfort from her oversized heavy breasts.  She underwent a vertical or “lollipo” breast lift where 510 gm was removed from the right side and 630 gm from the left.  She was thrilled with her new look at 5 months postop.