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While having a child is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest gifts, for many mothers, trying to regain their pre-pregnancy figure can be a very frustrating and daunting task. Pregnancy, breast feeding and weight fluctuations can all wreak havoc on a woman’s breasts, abdomen and flanks. Dr. Niki Christopoulos, our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, will custom-design the correct combination of procedures for you to improve your body, restore your self confidence and give you a more shapely and proportionate figure.

A Mommy Makeover can involve a variety of procedures designed to specifically improve your areas of concern. It can include a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation to correct sagging and deflated breasts; an Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck surgery to reduce the excess abdominal skin and fat while tightening your abdominal muscles to improve overall contour, Liposuction to contour excess fat pockets from a variety of body areas; as well as non-surgical and surgical facial rejuvenation to improve the tired facial appearance that nights of breast feeding can create.

The Mommy Makeover is among the most successful procedures cosmetic surgeons have created in the last 30 years. It resonates instantly with a lot of today’s moms– women who are proud to be mothers but want to regain their previous physiques. Mothers who have actually put their children first and perhaps forgotten the delight of looking after themselves. Ladies who may want to resume or begin a profession, or just look their best again.

The reasons for considering a Mommy Makeover cosmetic procedure vary, while the mix of treatments they choose are even more diverse. In fact, a Mommy Makeover can be just about any combination a woman and her plastic surgeon can create.

Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, is normally at the heart of a Mommy Makeover. Pregnancy takes a toll on the female body, stretching both the skin and stomach muscles. Once the muscles are altered, no amount of money of sit-ups can restore their old tone. Through a cut short on the stomach, a plastic surgeon can sew the muscles back together and remove any redundant skin.

Almost every Chicago mom puts on weight around the hips, thighs and upper body during pregnancy. After giving birth, those fat pockets can be frustratingly stubborn to reduce. Many women will choose liposuction to rid their post-childbirth bodies of love handles or saddlebags that didn’t exist prior to childbirth. Liposuction is often performed in addition to a tummy tuck.

Breast surgery is also a very common part of a Mommy Makeover, Chicago moms know. Childbearing, together with the easy passage of time, does have an effect on the perky, vibrant looking breasts many mothers remember having at one time. Lots of mothers choose to undergo breast lift surgical treatment, some with implants to replace lost volume. Sometimes breast reduction and lift is the surgical treatment of option.

These 3 treatments, abdominoplasty, liposuction and breast surgery, are considered the traditional  Mommy Makeover. When a patient is in excellent health and each operation is routine and not awfully comprehensive, lots of plastic surgeons will consider performing them at the same time. The key is to limit the amount of basic anesthesia time as much as possible.

Ideal Candidates for a Mommy Makeover are women who:

Are at or near their ideal body weight but still have sagging excess tummy skin with weakened abdominal muscles
Have drooping and deflated breasts
Appear tired even though they may be well rested

About the Mommy Makeover Procedure

A Mommy Makeover may include one or more of the following procedures. Please click below to learn more about each specific procedure.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Mommy Makeover Surgery

Motherhood is one of the most transformative experiences a woman can go through. Not only does it bring about emotional and mental changes, but it also leads to physical alterations. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can leave many mothers longing to regain their pre-baby bodies. That’s where the mommy makeover surgery comes into play. In this article, we’ll delve deep into what a mommy makeover entails and why it might be the right choice for you. You can trust Niki Christopoulos, MD FACS to take care of all your needs and ensure you are getting great treatment if you decide to see someone for a Chicago, IL mommy makeover surgery.

Understanding The Mommy Makeover

“Mommy makeover” is a term used for a combination of cosmetic surgical procedures that address common concerns post-pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Typical procedures include tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and more.

Why You Should Consider a Mommy Makeover

Restored Confidence

Regaining your pre-pregnancy body can boost your self-esteem and make you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Tailored To Your Needs

One of the great things about the mommy makeover is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your surgeon will work with you to address your specific concerns.

Long-lasting Results

With proper care and a healthy lifestyle, the results of a mommy makeover can last for years, giving you a renewed sense of self for a long time.

Key Procedures In A Mommy Makeover

Breast Augmentation Or Lift

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause breasts to sag or lose volume. A breast augmentation or lift can restore a youthful appearance.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

This procedure removes excess skin and tightens abdominal muscles that may have separated during pregnancy.


It targets stubborn fat pockets that don’t go away even with diet and exercise.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth can lead to changes in the vaginal region, and many women opt for rejuvenation procedures to restore tone and appearance.

What To Expect During Recovery

Recovery time varies depending on the procedures chosen, but here are some general guidelines to getting Chicago mommy makeover surgery:

Initial Downtime

Most women will need to take at least two weeks off work and daily activities.

Physical Activity

Light walking is encouraged soon after surgery to promote blood circulation, but vigorous exercise should be avoided for about six weeks.

Follow-up Appointments

Regular check-ins with your surgeon are essential to monitor healing and ensure the best results.

Selecting The Right Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover is crucial. Look for board-certified surgeons, like Dr. Niki Christopoulos, with extensive experience in mommy makeovers. Before and after photos, patient reviews, and direct consultations can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Embrace The New You

Motherhood is a journey, and every mother’s experience is unique. While embracing the changes in your body is essential, it’s also okay to want to regain some aspects of your pre-pregnancy self. A mommy makeover can be the perfect solution for moms who want to feel confident and rejuvenated.

If you’re considering getting Chicago mommy makeover surgery and want to discuss your options, don’t wait. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to Niki Christopoulos, MD FACS today to schedule a consultation and embark on your transformative journey. Your best self awaits!

Dr. Christopoulos will guide you through your initial consultation to create the procedure specifically designed to meet your goals and expectations that will leave you looking strong, confident and proud of your new shape. Visit our office today and let Dr. Christopoulos show you the possibilities. 

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