Neck Lift Chicago


Over time, the natural aging process, gravity, and sun damage take their toll and it appears on our face and necks. The smooth soft neck of youth is lost as the jaw line slackens and deep creases appear about the mouth. The neck can also develop laxity with excess skin and fat deposits. These can all make a person appear older than they really are.

Dr. Christopoulos uses a variety of techniques to improve the definition and contour of the neck to restore a more youthful and refined appearance. A neck lift is often combined with a facelift procedure to restore lower facial harmony and give you the smooth, youthful and natural look you desire. Depending on whether you have early or more advanced signs of aging will determine the correct procedure or combination of procedures for you.

Ideal Candidates for a Neck Lift are patients who wish to correct:

Loose sagging skin around the jawline and neck
Excess fatty deposits under the chin and jawline
Muscle bands and wrinkles under the neck

About the Procedure

Dr. Christopoulos performs her surgeries in a fully accredited outpatient surgical facility. The procedure can take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on which procedure, or combination of procedures you are having performed.


Dr. Christopoulos, in conjunction with an anesthesiologist, will use either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia to keep you comfortable and safe during your procedure.


A traditional neck lift incision is placed in front of the ear and extends around behind the ear and into the scalp. This allows Dr. Christopoulos to elevate and reposition the sagging skin of your neck while removing excess fat to give you a smooth and youthful contour. A limited incision neck lift utilizes a small incision under the chin to treat lesser degrees of excess fat and correct muscle neck bands. Submental liposuction is used to treat excess fat from under the chin and is best for patients with minimal skin laxity and involves one to three smaller incisions under the chin and behind the ears.  Dr. Christopoulos will use one or all of these techniques, depending on your anatomy, to restore the smooth and youthful contour you are looking for.

Recovery and Results

The length of recovery depends on the type of procedure or combination of procedures you have performed and the healing process does vary from individual to individual. Dr. Christopoulos will gently wrap your incisions in bandages and may place a small drainage tube in the neck. The drain will be removed the following day and the sutures will be removed within the first week. It is natural to expect some bruising, swelling, numbness and even tightness of the lower face and neck area. Your results will become visible as the bruising and swelling subside. Most patients are able to return to work within 1-2 weeks, depending on the procedure performed. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Christopoulos to discuss further any questions you may have and to see which procedure is the correct one for you.

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