Fat Transfer ChicagoFat grafting, also known as fat transfer, is a procedure where fat is carefully removed from areas of excess such as the abdomen or thighs, and then injected into areas of volume loss such as the face, hands, buttocks or breasts.

In the face and hands, fat transfer is an excellent minimally invasive technique to restore youthful contours and rejuvenate your appearance. Fat transfer can also be used to minimize the appearance of depressed or sunken scars.

Facial fat transfer can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, “plump up” sunken cheekbones, temples and lips, as well as improve the contour of the jawline. In the hands, fat transfer is an excellent technique to add volume and reduce the appearance of “veiny” or thinned out aging skin.

Fat transfer results to the face and hands are quite natural, last longer than dermal fillers and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Ideal Candidates for Facial and Hand fat grafting are patients who:

Wish to fill and plump sagging cheeks and other facial areas
Wish to soften deeper facial lines and wrinkles
Wish to improve the appearance of aging and “veiny” hands
Desire a more long lasting correction than that obtained with dermal fillers

About the Procedure

Fat grafting to the face and hands is performed as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Christopoulos will use either oral and local anesthesia in the office setting, or together with an anesthesiologist, will use intravenous sedation to keep you comfortable and safe during your procedure. Each treatment can take anywhere from 45 minutes or more, depending on the areas treated. The length of recovery and healing process does vary from individual to individual. It is natural to expect some mild bruising and swelling after your procedure. While your results will be immediately apparent, it may take 2-4 weeks for the majority of the swelling to subside.

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