Defining a Brow Lift

A brow lift, sometimes called an endobrow lift or a forehead lift, is a surgical treatment designed to reduce drooping in the skin on the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. A brow lift can help reverse the process by minimizing folds in the forehead and decreasing furrowed eyebrow lines, saggy eyebrows, and hooding over the eyes.

Brow lifts are typically outpatient procedures. The surgical treatment can be accomplished utilizing one of two strategies: the traditional lift or the endoscopic lift.

shutterstock_144914461-200x300.jpgThe endoscopic lift makes use of a number of short lacerations that run along the scalp. The benefit of the endoscopic procedure is that it is much less intrusive than the timeless lift, allowing for a lowered recuperation time and minimal scarring.

Both the traditional and endoscopic lift techniques require stitches or staples to close the incisions. Some treatments will likewise utilize short-term addiction screws, gotten rid of after two weeks, which hold the reconstructed brow in location while the body heals. All patients should anticipate swelling and bruising of the face, consisting of those locations surrounding to the eyebrow. Keeping the head elevated as much as possible for the first few days after surgery will help reduce these side-effects. Other possible side-effects consist of short-lived numbness of the face and headaches. Patients of a traditional brow lift might likewise find that they experience some itching and loss of hair.

Brow lifts, just like other type of surgery, do present some possible threats. Clients risk of establishing an infection around the incision sites. They may experience facial muscle weak point and stiffness, as well as extreme scarring. Other, more severe side-effects can consist of permanent damage to facial nerves and loss of facial movement.

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