Considering a Face Lift?

AFacial Fat Grafting Chicagore you tired of looking in the mirror and staring at unwanted wrinkles, or droopy skin?

Maybe you have unwanted bags under your eyes, or maybe you just want to freshen and smooth your appearance.

Our professional face lift surgeon in Chicago has helped countless patients look better and regain confidence in their appearance. A ‘true’ face lift will result in natural results, which make your face look smooth and younger for up to ten years. A ‘true’ face lift from our doctor will result in your face looking up to fifteen years younger in no time at all!

Dr. Niki Christopoulos specializes in the three types of face lifts:

-Full Face and Neck Lift
-Face Lift
-Mini Face Lift


Some of the results you may look forward to are a tightening and lifting of the jaw line.

Dr. Christopoulos can drastically improve dreaded, unwanted jowls which will take years off your appearance. You may look forward to tightening the loose skin around your neck. Your face will be re-positioned to where it was before the natural aging process, taking years off your appearance.

Most patients want the results of their face lift to be natural and radiant, not unnatural and ‘odd looking.’ Our surgeon has made many clients happy with their natural, younger appearance post surgery. Dr. Christopoulos is top rated and is known to give dramatic results in ten to fourteen days, with very long lasting results.

We have a state-of-the-art method which doesn’t just pull the skin, but works on the actual facial tissue guaranteeing a younger appearance in as little as fourteen days with minimal bruising and a short recovery time! You can look forward to smoother skin, tighter cheeks and neck, and a long-time youthful appearance.

Why wait? Life is short, and looking your best and feeling great should be part of your every day life.

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We want you to wake up in the morning and seize each day with a natural glow and inner credence, knowing you look fantastic!

Please call us and discuss your options. We understand that many people are hesitant to take this step, and we will do all we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while listening to all of your questions and concerns. You’ll find that our costs are very reasonable and the results will last a lifetime. Or, if you just want to call to discuss your options with our doctor, please do so!

Our patients have a 99 percent satisfaction rate, and they all say that their investment in themselves is the best thing they’ve ever done. Confidence means everything in life, and if you are considering a face lift, it won’t hurt to give us a call and find out about your options! We take your natural beauty personally, and we would like to meet you and show you more about our philosophy! We are looking forward to hearing from you!