Tummy Tuck Patient 27

This fit athletic mom could not correct her tummy bulge despite hours at the gym.  A full tummy tuck with tightening of her wide muscle separation or diastasis recti was able to give her the flat tummy she was looking for.  These photos are 1 year postop.

Tummy Tuck Patient 24

This 58 year old female was unhappy with her excess abdominal skin and fat that she felt was hindering her attempts at weight loss.  She underwent a full tummy tuck with liposuction of the abdomen and was thrilled with these results at 1.5 years postop.

Tummy Tuck Patient 22

This fit 35 year old was unhappy with her tummy pooch that persisted despite healthy diet and lifestyle.  Dr. Christopoulos performed a full tummy tuck with tightening of her abdominal muscles  (rectus diastasis) to give her this sculpted look at 4 months postop.

Revision Breast Surgery Patient 11

This 48 yeear old female has a previous breast augmentation.  She came to see Dr. Christopoulos wanting to improve her symmetry and nipple position while increasing her cup size.  She had a revision breast augmentation with pocket correction, capsulorraphies, and placement new silicone high profile implants, 600cc.  These results are 7 months postop.

Revision Breast Surgery Patient 10

This 39 year old mother had had a previous breast augmentation and now presented wanting to increase her size slightly and improve the overall shape and droopiness of her breasts.  She underwent a vertical mastopexy augmentation with high profile silicone implants (300cc) in the dual plane submuscular position.  These results are 9 months postop.

Revision breast Surgery Patient 9

This 31 year old female presented with a ruptured saline implant on the left side and mild capsular contracture on the right and she also desired to go slightly bigger.  Dr. Christopoulos performed an implant exchange, capsule work, and placement of new silicone high profile implants, 400cc each, to achieve these results at 6 months postop.