The Many Benefits of a Facelift

Face Lift SurgeryThe face is an incredible part of the human body as it helps to provide a unique identity. Due to exposure to the sun or use of cosmetic products with toxic chemicals, it will result in your skin looking haggard, worn out or tired. When this happens, your self-confidence will diminish, and you will look for different ways to hide this.

Thanks to facelift surgery, you can be able to regain the self-confidence, your natural facial look, and youthful appearance. This will help you to shine and allow you to age gracefully for years to come.

Below are the benefits of facelift surgery.

Helps to tighten facial musclesThe superficial musculoaponeurotic system is the underlying facial structure which weakens and sags as you age. This is because the elasticity of the skin decreases as collagen, which provides support to the skin, weakens. Collagen is one of the most abundant protein in the body that not only supports the skin but also strengthens it, therefore, eliminating sagging.

When a facelift is performed, it will help to tighten and rearrange the underlying SMAS into a better configuration allowing your skin to appear youthful. When this is done, it puts less tension and helps your skin to last longer.

Helps to repair loose skinAs you age, the body is unable to produce the high levels of collagen. Due to this, the skin will start to sag around different areas. There are occasions when you decide to lose weight but after some time, you get to notice the skin around the face is sagging a little. When you have a facelift procedure done, it will help to repair loose skin. The procedure will trim and tighten the skin to restore it to a more youthful and natural look. The surgeon will not over tighten it or it will lead to what professionals call “pulled appearance.”

Helps to improve facial contoursWhen a mid facelift is performed by a surgeon, it will help to restore a smooth look on your cheeks and lower eyelids. Apart from that, the procedure will also help to create a more attractive jaw line contour by eliminating jowls and smoothing the neck area too. A liposuction procedure can also be carried out around the neck or jowls.

Helps to rejuvenate your skinWhen you opt for nonsurgical procedures like injectables, your skin will appear good for a few minutes, hours or days and then it will be damaged more than before. This is because the procedure treats your face as a patchwork. To avoid this and ensure that you can achieve a youthful and more natural look, you need to seek a facelift expert. The procedure will help to address problems brought about by aging as well as exposure to the elements like the rays of the sun.While a facelift procedure has several benefits, below are five things you should know before considering a facelift.

Why are you having the procedure?This is the first question you need to ask yourself. You need to come up with reasons why you want to have the procedure. You don’t have to do the procedure just because a friend had it done or for your partner.

What do you want to achieve?You need to have in mind the results you would like in the end. Remember, the procedure costs money, and if you don’t have the right results in mind, you will end up with a permanent fixture and a dent in your savings.

ResearchIt is important to find out all possible outcomes of the procedure so as not to be disappointed in the end. You can use different internet resources; you can speak with trusted friends who have done it or you can talk with your doctor.

Select the right surgeonThis is very important as selecting a the wrong physician will result in poor results that will not easily be repaired. When choosing the right surgeon for the procedure, ask your doctor first. He/she should help to direct you to a licensed, insured, certified and experienced surgeon.

Are you a suitable candidate?Before the procedure, you need to consult with a board certified physician to find out if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. You need to make sure you are generally of good health and have a good medical history.

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Restore Your Youthful Appearance with a Facelift

Facelift Woman

Facelifts, also known as rhytidectomies, provide those wishing to enhance their look significantly. There are several facelift treatments; however, basic facelifts do not result in the ‘wind-tunnel’ impact or ‘surprised look’ that is often triggered by more extreme facelifts. Healing from an easy facelift is easier and has fewer complications than the more extreme variety of facelifts. Further, there is less possibility of bruising and stretching, and they are substantially more economical.

When considering a facelift, you should consult with a specialist certified in the procedure. Dr. Niki Christopoulos is double board certified in this procedure.

During your consultation, you will be asked about your history and provided with a physical exam. Be forewarned, lots of doctors will not do a facelift on individuals who smoke or have smoked, as this might have major complications.

Sometimes the best outcomes of the facelift procedure are achieved by integrating numerous procedures, such as liposuction, brow lift, fat transfer, blepharoplasty, laser, or chin and cheek implants– all depending upon the patient’s requirements.

Throughout a simple facelift procedure, Dr. Christopoulos will make incisions that follow the contours of your ear as to hide an lines in your hair. This produces a seamless look. The best enhancement with a facelift is seen in the jowl area and under the neck.

During facelift surgery, after the ear contour incision is performed, the skin is undermined– pulled upwards and back towards the scalp line. The excess skin is removed and secured. This is a typical, basic facelift.

A newer method is the ‘deep airplane facelift’, which includes going under the muscle of the face and pulling it in addition to the skin to make the facelift last longer. Some physicians choose a laser or chemical peel before the surgical treatment is performed. Recuperation time is more substantial than for a timeless facelift.

Facelifts can provide excellent and dramatic results. It can reduce the appearance of age and boost self-esteem in many people. Healing times vary and it is important that you enter into your surgery knowing that the complete results can take weeks to appear. But rest assured, when healing is all said and done, you will present a younger and smoother looking face to the world– with the outcomes apparent years after your facelift surgical procedure.

Women tend to have better results than men do in a facelift; however, men are in some cases good candidates for the treatment. Sometimes after surgery, men may have to shave in new places, as beard growing skin may be slightly repositioned.

The effects of a facelift will not last forever– your skin will continue to age and be affected by gravity. You may want to have another facelift surgery five or ten years later for maintenance or improvement.

Information is consistent on facelifts throughout the board. As with all surgical treatments, there are risks involved that you must go over with your physician prior to surgery. Your own health record and practices can and will affect your candidacy for surgical treatment. Be sure to be honest with your physician to prevent as many side effects and risks as possible.

If you’d like to receive a consultation and discuss your options, contact our office to arrange a time to speak with Dr. Niki Christopoulos. During your consultation, you’ll have the chance to ask all of your questions and receive treatment from a double board certified plastic surgeon.

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You can read more about the facelift surgical procedure here.

Considering a Face Lift?

AFacial Fat Grafting Chicagore you tired of looking in the mirror and staring at unwanted wrinkles, or droopy skin?

Maybe you have unwanted bags under your eyes, or maybe you just want to freshen and smooth your appearance.

Our professional face lift surgeon in Chicago has helped countless patients look better and regain confidence in their appearance. A ‘true’ face lift will result in natural results, which make your face look smooth and younger for up to ten years. A ‘true’ face lift from our doctor will result in your face looking up to fifteen years younger in no time at all!

Dr. Niki Christopoulos specializes in the three types of face lifts:

-Full Face and Neck Lift
-Face Lift
-Mini Face Lift


Some of the results you may look forward to are a tightening and lifting of the jaw line.

Dr. Christopoulos can drastically improve dreaded, unwanted jowls which will take years off your appearance. You may look forward to tightening the loose skin around your neck. Your face will be re-positioned to where it was before the natural aging process, taking years off your appearance.

Most patients want the results of their face lift to be natural and radiant, not unnatural and ‘odd looking.’ Our surgeon has made many clients happy with their natural, younger appearance post surgery. Dr. Christopoulos is top rated and is known to give dramatic results in ten to fourteen days, with very long lasting results.

We have a state-of-the-art method which doesn’t just pull the skin, but works on the actual facial tissue guaranteeing a younger appearance in as little as fourteen days with minimal bruising and a short recovery time! You can look forward to smoother skin, tighter cheeks and neck, and a long-time youthful appearance.

Why wait? Life is short, and looking your best and feeling great should be part of your every day life.

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We want you to wake up in the morning and seize each day with a natural glow and inner credence, knowing you look fantastic!

Please call us and discuss your options. We understand that many people are hesitant to take this step, and we will do all we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while listening to all of your questions and concerns. You’ll find that our costs are very reasonable and the results will last a lifetime. Or, if you just want to call to discuss your options with our doctor, please do so!

Our patients have a 99 percent satisfaction rate, and they all say that their investment in themselves is the best thing they’ve ever done. Confidence means everything in life, and if you are considering a face lift, it won’t hurt to give us a call and find out about your options! We take your natural beauty personally, and we would like to meet you and show you more about our philosophy! We are looking forward to hearing from you!