Breast Augmentation Decisions You’ll Need to Make

Breast augmentation comes with its fair share of decisions. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for breast surgery, so you will need to weigh a lot of different options as you plan your breast augmentation in Chicago. Generally speaking, there are five “S”s that you’ll need to consider: surgeon, silicone v. saline, size, surgical incision and surgical placement.

First and foremost, choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision that you will make. A board certified plastic surgeon can walk you through your options and help you choose the right size, placement, and type of breast implant for your frame and lifestyle. Dr. Niki Christopoulos has years of experience helping women figure out which implants will not only improve the shape of their physique, but also make them feel the most confident.

Once you’ve found a Chicago plastic surgeon that you feel comfortable with, you’ll need to decide whether to get silicone or saline implants. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that as of 2013, about 72% of women opted for silicone implants. This is because silicone tends to be lighter, softer, and more natural feeling. It also has a lesser chance of deflating or rippling. The latest “gummy bear” implants are ALSO made of silicone and tend to look very natural.

The next thing you’ll need to decide is what size implant is right for you. Every woman is going to think about this decision differently, and there aren’t any right or wrong answers. When you choose Dr. Christopoulos as your plastic surgeon, she will help you understand how different sizes will ultimately look on your frame and how they will affect your body. She will then help you decide on the right size to achieve your desired end result.

Next, you’ll need to decide what type of incision is appropriate for you. Generally speaking, there are three places where your surgeon can make the incision to insert your implant: under the fold of your breasts, around the areola, or along a skin crease in the armpit. Before you undergo breast augmentation, Dr. Christopoulos will help you decide which incision makes the most sense for your surgery based on the size of your implants, your activity levels, and your natural breast tissue.

Finally, Dr. Christopoulos will help you decide where the implant should be placed. In general, implants can be placed over or under the chest wall muscle. The best placement for you is determined by numerous factors including implant size, the thickness of your skin and breast tissue, as well as the final look you are hoping to achieve. Dr. Christopoulos will expertly guide you through this entire process.

After these decisions have been made, you’ll be ready for your breast surgery. You’ll also be ready to embrace your new physique with excitement!